Dani Moore

Dani Moore – 38DDD Voluptuous Newcomer Gets A Boning

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38DDD Voluptuous Newcomer Gets A Boning

What did fatty and rounded Dani Moore, who had never modeled before, let alone stuffed students on-camera, think regarding becoming a hot-sex model?

“I would have never imagined doing this and having sex on-camera. But I’m having most fun. I’m nervous and all, but it is additional fun. I’m glad I did it. Most of my friends were pretty surprised. I told one lady. We had coffee the Sunday before I left town, and she was like, “I’m thus jealous!”

Dani says she’s wild within the bedroom but otherwise reserved every place else. Her twat is pierced, usually a sure sign of a lady with a sex drive in high gear.

“I’d always wanted one [a piercing], and I’d heard they make sex higher,” said Dani, a tattoo shop employee in Texas. “Because of where the ball sits, as long as it is being moved or touched by the guy’s schlong or balls, it hits your clitoris. And they were right. It definitely makes sex better.”

Dani prides herself on her blowjob skills that you does see in this scene.

“A lot of it is the way I move my tongue around it while I’m coming up. If I do that and start sucking a tiny harder, that gets them. My tongue ring helps out a lot, too. I’ve never gotten similarly complaints about it, and I’ve had it since I was 18.”

But this revelation is startling.

“Guys don’t ask me for tit-fucks too often.”

What? With those jugs?

38DDD Voluptuous Newcomer Gets A Boning

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Dani Moore – Threeway Sexecutive Meeting

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Threeway Sexecutive Meeting

Dani Moore, a new arrival at XL Women, features a sensational body, huge hooters (38DDDs) and a awfully hyper-charged sex drive. She was a video virgin before she checked out The SCORE Group when a male friend encouraged her to point out her goodies on-camera.

“Actually, a friend of mine from Florida said to me, ‘Hey, you must be a model. Check these fellas out.’ He sent me a link to the models’ website (SCOREModelsWanted.com), therefore I looked at it. Then I looked at everything else you all do, and that i determined to send in my footage. Then I got a call back from you, thus I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?’ I never thought I would be selected out of who knows how many people who would like to be a model. My friend was not surprised at all though he only saw my tits just in pictures, so he had an idea of how enormous I was.”

In Dani’s 1st fuck with the dynamic duo, she and Juan want to induce a loan from Tony. He can’t do it till Dani whispers in his ear that she’ll fuck him. The rules of business change instantly once that concession. Dani brings out the heavy artillery–her 47-inches of huge boobs–and the game is on when she fires the initial round of blouse-missiles in Tony’s face. Juan is behind Dani, Tony is in front as Dani quicky strips off naked to seal the deal and shows them how she excels at deep, messy blowjobs.

“Sometimes when I give blowjobs, more mans can be blown away,” Dani explained. “From what mates have told me, I try not to be a head-sucker because there’s any than just the head. There’s the rest of it. You’ve got to induce it all. The shaft, the sack, you apprehend. I try to urge the whole issue in my mouth. I’ve even gotten a couple of marriage proposals because of my blowjobs.” Dani said this with pride.

Fucking at one side, blowing at the choice, Dani sexes the two men with the cameras rolling like she’s an experienced XL Lady. And she is now after this. It cums naturally to her. The action is non-stop till her two fellows can’t hold it back anymore and pop their heavy nuts in Dani’s waiting throat and tongue, feeding her lots of guy-goo. Dani savors it, the mix of skeet and spit dripping out of her mouth and down her chin and neck because the cam moves in to fill the screen. Dani can inspire you to pop too.

As a side note, they did get the loan.

Threeway Sexecutive Meeting

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Dani Moore – Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

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Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

Newcomer Dani Moore has worked as a hotel worker. She’s been a hotel front desk person, a banquet manager and worked in housekeeping. She served drinks in a strip club as a waitress for one month. A few customers tried to persuade Dani to urge on stage and dance but, like plenty of waitresses at strip clubs, that wasn’t in her game plan. These days, Dani works in a tattoo shop.

And here at XLGirls.com, Dani was offered a employment as a masseuse. Dani seems eager on her Initial day as you can see. She truly seems to have taken to this match. There’s plenty of choice positions to fancy. Her male customer features a big boner. She doesn’t want to let that slip through her fingers even if they each get oily. Her tits shine because the oil soaks into her breastflesh.

Dani is not your ordinary masseuse. She uses her 47-inches of giant melons as massage appliances. Dani has to be extremely popular with those sucklers. Taking off her top, she rubs her client’s body along with her massive tits, tan-lined from sunbathing in bikinis. This is an perfect technique known in a number of circles as “mamming.” Dani adds an additional spin to it by taking her client’s fuckstick in her hands, then wrapping her breasts around it.

Dani’s diligence and attention to detail during the massage is impressive. However, as she reaches to massage her client’s cock, it leads to a blow job and fucking right there on the massage table and the rest of the massage is forgotten. The management has gotten zero complaints regarding Dani’s massage technique. As it must be! Because Dani Moore is one hell of a bangin’ masseuse!

Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

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