Thin & Sexed Up

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Slim & Sexed Up

Suzie Sun, the thin, teen blonde from the enormous bust porn star capital of the universe, the Czech Republic, goes on her second dirty date, this time with leg and tit lover George. Suzie is pretty, has great pins, and is naturally large titty for such a skinny babe. She further has a bratty, sexy, feisty personality, and once she needs a dude to tap her kegs, she gets her way with which twinkle in her eyes and her persistent nature. George will not would like a text to urge Suzie’s come-fuck-me message. A scorching hook-up is on their agenda in Suzie’s second SCORELAND PORNO show.

“I try to own sex when a day,” Suzie said. “I don’t have more more eerie needs. I just like normal sex with a boy. The kinkiest thing I ever did was to possess sex in front of a church and i have had sex in public in various places too. I love babes as friends but I never had sex with a chick except in porno so I would need to have sex with a woman I am attracted to. I do not swallow cum drop but a boy will cum on my face if he needs.”

“Another fully work, naturally boobed babe,” wrote Shaner. “Loved the show she put on. Not shy at all regarding fiddling along with her muff or spreading her anal as wide as it can open.”

Slim & Sexed Up

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Blond CURVY Pounding

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Large blonde girl Christina enjoys a curvy and stiff fuckstick pounding her mouth and plumper muff.

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Nikky Wilder – A Huge titty Butt hole Slave For 2 Men

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A Enormous chested Stinky hole Slave For Two Men

Nikky Wilder is trapped, a prisoner of her own erotic needs and the domination of two human beasts. They bind her hands, they leash her neck, and they begin their ravishment. Several women get pleasure from reading novels about BDSM relationships and flings. Nikky is aiming to live it out for real. What can happen?

This is the wildest Nikky Wilder scene to date. Every man has his way with their nubile slave, blowing and slapping her huge titties, spreading open and finger-fucking her twat and butthole, and then fucking her vagina and butt. Their rough handling brings out another side of Nikky, one who is fully submissive to the domination of these ramrods. She is their living doll to control and to sex up in further way they please.

Her moaning only escalates as they take turns fucking her. Nikky’s face is flushed. Being taken in the ass as another roughneck gags her throat with his penis transports her into another dimension of twisted lust! And there is plenty of ahead of her. She is their captive.

A Massive titty Butt Slave For Two Men

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Arianna Sinn – To Be Arianna’s Man

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To Be Arianna's Man

“I think I extremely like having sex on-camera extra than being by myself,” Arianna Sinn said. “When I’m by myself, I am the center of attention and i have to assume regarding what to do next. But when I’m having sex with a man, I apprehend what to do next!” In these pictures and the movie, Arianna has that good-girl-gone-bad look. She appearance like she’s dressed for Sunday brunch at a classy restaurant, but before we apprehend it, her tits are coming out and Arianna’s having full sex on-camera. This episode was shot P.O.V. for that “this is your penis inside Arianna” virtual sex visual instead of seeing a few stud get pleasure from her. Thousands imagine spending quality sex time with Arianna Sinn in one-on-one action. The P.O.V. pulls you into the picture.

To Be Arianna's Man

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Jasmine Jones – 2 Bones For Mrs. Jones

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Two Bones For Mrs. Jones

After Jasmine Jones made separate arrangements to satisfy her booty calls, she made the mistake of inviting them over on the same day and time. Currently they are flanking Jasmine on the couch. Carlos is sullen while Tony is taking it in stride.

But no worries. This is Jasmine Jones, a wifey from Texas with an big sex drive. She’ll take care of both of them, right here and now. They does take turns on her mouth and muff. Happiness will prevail within the finish.

While Jasmine is sucking Carlos, Tony is ravishing her muff with his cunt-pumper, and then vice-versa. The mens do not neglect Jasmine’s massive tits and her elongated nipples, a marvel of mammary magnificence. Not for one minute.

As Jasmine has told us many times, “I love to point out off my jugs and my anal. And if I can make you jizz whereas I load that makes it even higher for me.” She does indeed.

Two Bones For Mrs. Jones

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Sashaa Boobies – Cum In Sashaa

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Cum In Sashaa

Sashaa Juggs says she loves aggressive, hardcore sex. This is no frail, delicate 18eighteen Chick. Sashaa does handle pounding, pumping, spanking, throat stuffing and still. She’s a thrill-seeker anyway. But she will have sensitive juggs. “I prefer to possess them blowed, but which doesn’t make me load or anything,” says Sashaa.

Carlos is her fuck date this time and he’s a controller. He treats the ladies roughly but nicely and is aware of how to float their boats. This stud will not dish out lovey-dovey fucks. Sashaa is in perfect rough hands. Aggressive touching excites her. But if it is from another woman, softness is higher, she says.

“I love to please mates,” Sashaa says. “If a guy needs me to swallow his jizz, I does. If he desires me to spit it out on my breast, I can. Carlos wished to facial inside me.” Sashaa needs hot sex as often as she can be able to urge it and features a super-active sex life. “I masturbate 5 or six times a day. I start early inside the morning and i sometimes keep going all day. I do it at fit if I am attractive and to induce wet. I’m not very into toys. I will only jizz by working my clit with my hand.”

It’s no surprise Sashaa set to induce into adult action.

“That’s why I wanted to dance and be in porn, as a result of I very like knowing that mans are watching me and thinking about fucking me. Therefore because of that, I always get way into what I am doing to get completely different people to react to me.”

Cum In Sashaa

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Nikky Wilder – The Gift Of Ass Sex

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The Gift Of Booty Sex

With XLGirl Nikky Wilder in your bed or couch or back seat, you are guaranteed the hottest fucking sex of your fucking life.

Blond, pink, pretty and cuddly, Nikky combines girl-next-door personality with bang-em sex and sensual eroticism. Now she’s prepared for her first butt hole sex at XLGirls. Prepare yourselves for a scorcher.

Tony incorporates a special gift for Nikky. Not a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. This kind of gift either gets you a) smacked or b) screwed. It is a thick pink ladies’ toy and it’s for Nikky to suck on before Tony inserts it into her asshole to prepare her for his schlong. A few of ladies love the gift of asshole sex and once they do, you care to offer the actually best. That’s Tony’s plan. They have screwed twice before, once in a threesome, therefore she is comfy with him going into her anal for the primary time. But Initial, Tony feeds Nikky cock. She sucks on it and on her new gift.

Hot for her wet snatch 1st, Tony tastes Nikky, then fucks her hard and fast. She licks on her toy whereas he bangs her. Then he takes the toy, puts it in her mouth one last time to wet it, and inserts it into her anal hole, in and out slowly at Initial, then faster and faster whereas Nikky moans from the ass pleasure.

Pulling the toy out of her booty, Tony now replaces it with his dick and begins his ravishment of Nikky’s booty. All hail Nikky Wilder, hot anal fuck. She said a couple of months ago that she “enjoyed anal hole fingering and eaten, and was starting to like stinky hole sex as well and additional.” Some chicks love the gift of anal sex and Nikky Wilder could be one among them. The extremely word “wild” is in her name.

The Gift Of Ass Sex

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Nixie Night – I Want I Was In Nixie

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I Want I Was In Nixie

Beautiful and so-approachable Nixie Night and her 42DDD’s have something special. The folks at saw that the second they laid eyes on her. Since the primary time, Nixie has returned several times. She’s highly addictive! Now get a fresh Nixie fix.

Previous Nixie sexxx dates at XLGirls included to a small degree of a story (“The Workplace Hottie”) or were gonzo-reality (“Nixie & The Backdoor Man”) in which we saw Nixie walk onto the set to meet the boy. In “I Need I Was In Nixie,” Nixie’s 1st P.O.V. scene, a virtual bang is the name of the hot game and it is your virtual wood that Nixie is reaching to ride hard and put away wet. Whether it’s the video or the sexy pictures that satisfy you, blame Nixie for creating you drop a enormous load on her equally large mams!

Nixie keeps above things to start, creating your junk swell. She tries to reduce the swelling with her lips but succeeds in making the wood even also rigid. Tit-massaging you with oil is a stiffening experience. There is solely one destiny awaiting. The pleasure of a plunge into Nixie’s tight muff. This sex historian studies the ancient erotic cultures of the past and she herself has become an earthy and fertile goddess of sex and huge boobies. Relish your date!

I Need I Was In Nixie

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Jasmine Jones – Jasmine & The Ass Cream Man

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Jasmine & The Anal Cream Man

After you say horny XLGirls next door wife, the name of Jasmine Jones must come to mind. There are additionally not too several wives in the XLGirls club, not as much as SCORELAND. Jasmine was encouraged by her hubby to become a naked model. This is additionally uncommon. “I was told by my hubby that I would be good at it and which i took his advice and tried it. I never looked back!” Jasmine said. He was right! We thank him too! Without that encouragement, Mrs. Jones would have never “cum” at XLGirls and the world would have been sadly deprived of her sexual heat since October, 2012.

This episode with its terrific ass-fucking action unfolds in a club where guys will get a drink and a piece of butt also at the same time. After bringing him a scotch, big-titted Jasmine gives Tony 2 hard and pointy nipples to suck on. Jasmine desires to suck on something hard and pointy too. After all, we live in sexually liberated times currently. His hard wood is just right for her mouth, lips and swirling tongue.

After Jasmine’s deep throat play that Tony is sorry to see end, he lays the Texas titillator on her back and, opening her legs wide, drives his beef-spike deep inside Jasmine’s pink box to pump away. After a great, hard camel toe pounding, Jasmine is in a position for her tight anal to be spread and pumped next, then filled with man-goo. Jasmine inspires hard boners and giant loads. When it comes to anal hole sex, Jasmine’s advice to curious females is, “Relax and have a good time. Start off slow and before you understand it you can be screaming with pleasure.”

Please give it up for Jasmine Jones. Tony already did.

(Please note: inside the video, Jasmine’s creampie delivery is in her camel toe; within the likewise decided, the creampie is stinky hole.)

Jasmine & The Butt Cream Man

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Patricia Gold – Patricia Inside the Middle

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Patricia Inside the Middle

Patricia Gold’s bigger-than-big racks are basically pouring out of her corset. It feels like something gave way and her tits just spilled out. She sits between Neeo and Thomas on the couch but they won’t be sitting for really long. They have three-way games to play.

Today is Make A Patricia Gold Sandwich Day. You take Patricia, get her naked, put her between 2 studs with massive salamis and squirt some of which special sauce on her.

Patricia offers up a feast of flesh, a banquet of juggs, to her two hook-ups. When one cock-slinger is fucking her throat, the completely various is fucking her huge boobies. Then they take turns on Patricia’s soaking-wet lady-hole, plugging her to the hilt.

“I have made 2 XLGirls videos with mans. One I made with Thomas (“Hot For Gold”). Therefore after they asked me if I needed to own two mans for a new one, Thomas brought Neeo. I have never been therefore ravished before in my life. I didn’t know how sex will be until they presented me. They’re 2 real nasty mans and i loved it. I never had this kind of adventure until I have become a model!”

Patricia In the Middle

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